Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Morning Buenos Aires.

Now we are both wondering the same thing. Why in the hell am I awake? I want to know, you want to know, every one is confused. It is 8:43 in the morning and I will you inform you all that I did not set an alarm. That's weird right? We all know me for my weirdo sleeping habits, that make records.

Well, I woke up early yesterday too and I have a theory as to why. Forever and always, when I have been excited about something or another, a trip, christmas, skiing, my birthday, I have a tendency to wake up early. Level of excitement=earliness of wake up time. It's a direct correlation. When I was around 7, I would wake up for Christmas at 4:30, sometimes earlier. Now, this tendency has declined the older I have gotten, because I think I get less excited about things than I used to but I'm still a pretty excited person, in general, goes along with the whole wearing your emotions on your sleeves thing.

Anyways, it hasn't happened as much in recent year, in fact, this past year on Christmas, I think my mother had to wake me up, this has never happened, I thought I was losing my inner child. However, I can now affirm that it is still there because apparently I am so excited about coming home, to levels of which even I was unaware, I have woken up early for a 2nd day in row, and I don't leave until tomorrow. That means that I will have woken up 3 days in a row, extraordinarily early, now using my direct correlation model, this would mean that I am so unbelievably beyond excited at this point, I just can't sleep. HELLO NORTH CAROLINA, HERE I COME.

So, yeah anyways, I leave tomorrow, which puts me at home in about, well in 45 minutes, it will be 48 hours exactly, which is tiny, miniscule and yet far too much time.

So you might want to know? What am I going to do on my last day in BA? Nothing special. I might walk around and take some pictures, I'm going to my favorite restaurant for lunch and then having dinner with my friends, they wanted to celebrate my birthday (which if you have forgotten is in 6 more days). I have to turn in my last paper today and really that's it. But for now, I think I might go lay back in my bed and pretend that I can sleep.


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