Friday, February 26, 2010

I think I'll have the Salmon Ravioli, please.

Today was a very long day, it was day five and I have walked probably a million blocks since Sunday. I was just tired all day. I woke up, ate and walked to Circolo Italiano. We had some sessions about spanish grammar Y EL VOS TAMBIEN. I think I have grasped how to use this verb tense now, thank god it's only in existence in Argentina. I've also started to pick up what one could call a Argentine accent which sounds unlike any other accent in Spanish and which requires you to pronounce both a Y and a double L as a J. Imagine.

Anyways, my Lonely Planet had not yet failed me until today and today, we had the most grievous of errors. The place we walked 15 blocks to was closed and required us to entire a tourist trap known as El Microcentro. There were many people attempting to hand me papers that would no doubt never be recycled. In this area of town, I no longer felt the need to watch my bag, I felt the need to clutch it, to hold on to it with my life if only for the safety of the banana inside. After this adventure, we found a place where we could eat. I ate a butternut squash pie which happens to be the least interesting thing that touched my palette this day.

We had more sessions, Ami unfortunately was placed into some other group. But Greg and Ami and I made a friend today in spite of this separation. She appears to be a old person, like the rest of us and her name is Lindsay. She's from Wisconsin, apparently it's cold there. Lindsay has also chosen to be a part of the literature concentration I am in and we had the first meeting with our academic advisor/spanish teacher today. The notorious Argentine accent I spoke of earlier can be found with this man. His name is Darío (please note the accent as it is very important) and I cannot accurately portray his accent in the written word or as an imitation but only as an absurd variation on the spanish we all know and love.

Now you may ask, Kristin, What is it that you do on a Friday Night in Buenos Aires? And I will answer you this, you, the average teenager/young adult do nothing on Friday night, you leave to go out after midnight and the festivities begin. Welcome to the Saturday Morning Party! Fiesta time. Mis amigos y yo made plans for la noche and they go something like this:

Would you like to get drunk?
No I barely feel safe walking around sober during the day in a group of 12.
Well, then what should we do?
I don't know, what does the Lonely Planet say is good?
Oh there's this bookstore/café....
Oh let's go there!

These were our plans, so I proceeded to walk home in order to nap for my BIG night on the town. The thing I did not realize is that it was finally time for me to become lost. Now this lost was not an utterly lost as in Flight 815 but midly lost. I never got onto a street I did not know and the numbers get bigger as you leave the city's center. With these helpful hints, I soon (as in 30 minutes later) found my Peña, mi hogar por la cuidad de Buenos Aires. At this point I was supposed to nap, then the ADD kicked in. I called Mom on skype to ask whether or not I should shower before going out a dazzling 30 minutes before I was supposed to be 6 blocks away.

The place we had intended to go was having a show and we didn't have reservations. We walked, we felt skecthed out, we walked back and we stopped to eat. In this restaurant we ordered the wine of Argentina, un Malbec, a bottle for four lightweights and who said old people couldn't have fun? I ordered the Salmon Ravioli with pesto and for your own benefit, I will not say anything further. Nevermore.

?Donde está, I mean, hay una Volta? ?Qué? La heladería... Oh sí, hay una dos cuadros allí. Gracias Señor.

This is how we found four different Freddos, or gelato places when all we wanted was a Volta, voltas are supposed to be better. WE finally found after walking for an hour in a group of four americans at 11:00 at night. We walked in and paid and I found myself a husband, apparently he was in love with me and I him (he was holding an ice cream scoop). I got 5 free samples. Take that as you may.

Con todo mi amor,

P.S. I intend to marry my Literatura professor. Does this seem wise?

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