Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cemeteries and Tango Dancers

I thought I would share some pictures with you peeps.

I have created an album on Picasa for my first set of pictures from Argentina.

I have used Google and it's privacy settings to their most effective level. So I have invite people to see my pictures, I am obviously quite secretive. I also don't like sharing, hence why I don't just offer them to facebook for free. Anyways, send me your gmail account in some manner and I will invite you, if I know you of course. They're quite beautiful if I do say so myself.



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Also, I was provided 12 empanadas for dinner, I ate 5. When asked again by my host mother if I went out last night, I again disappointed her.

I saw tango dancers on the street. But that's for the pictures to tell. The one man with the microphone I like to call Cassidy's husband. You're welcome

With more tomorrow y muchos besos,


  1. Beautiful photography my child!
    Cassidy is so LUCKY! So if leggings are not pants, what are fishnet leggings...