Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Punctuality is not something you see too often.

As the title of this post forewarns, punctuality is not something that Argentines necessarily appreciate. There are times when it is necessary to be timely, in cases where you need to be respectful, but at other times, it is perfectly acceptable to be 20 or 30 minutes late or even an hour. My point being that this is a post for Monday on Tuesday. I am falling into the trap, and I already had problems with this before Argentina, so when I return, there may possibly be no hope for me.

Anyways, I walk a lot in Buenos Aires. For example, I walk 20 blocks to get to orientation every morning by 9am, this is actually a short distance as I was attempting to explain to Mom. Buenos Aires is massive, seriously look at a map, the city is not a whole bunch of people shoved into a tiny place like NYC. It physically covers a large space. Mom will be staying 17 blocks from me when she comes to visit, this is quite awesomely close. The point here being that I have a lot of time to think when I walk and notice things that don't really affect the outcome of my life. I don't feel comfortable enough to listen to iPod while walking, because one it could get stolen and two those stories about people getting hit by buses. It's like mean girls but in real life. Holy mans. So I began to think about what identifies you as an American off the bat. There are the obvious ones like gym shorts and tshirts and the likes, but there is also something when it comes to women's attire. When you show too much skin during the day (this rule doesn't seem to apply for going out), it is obvious that you are an American. Women here dress in all types and where just about everything you could think, there really is no identifying feature except for that the most part they are covered up. And yes before you ask, it is hot, I've been sunburned and it is supposed to be in the 80s all week. You can wear short skirts with a covered up top and a tank top with pants but if you pairs these together, you are American.

Another thing, which makes me glad I listen to my mother sometimes, is that young women here, say under 30-40 don't have short hair. They just don't. All these women have long hair that reaches at least their shoulders. Every color, style and maintenance level, they just don't cut their hair. Older women however may have whichever hairstyle these choose from quite short (but still feminine, machismo) to long just like their younger counterparts. I almost chopped my hair before leaving and Mom made me keep it. I'm quite glad she did because I don't need anything else to identify that I am a UnitedStates-ian, I already have plenty going for that cause.

Anyways, I probably need to go. I have to go to my intro (remember all the things you've forgotten and learn words that Argentines made up ) class. I then have a meeting this afternoon with my academic advisor. When this is over and I have picked some classes, we will talk about that because Argentine University Systems are on a completely different field than anything you've ever seen.

That's all for now, and remember if you can't hear a dog barking at all times, you're not in Buenos Aires with me. Sadness.



  1. You admit you listened to your mother, my job is done, SUCCESS!!

  2. I'm glad that your hair long is yet another thing that will help you to keep from getting kidnapped.