Tuesday, June 22, 2010

El internet y el frío.

So, although I should be working on my mid-term that is due on Monday or my 3 other papers, I have decided to write here instead. For some reason today, my internet in my house is working. I don't know why, but I don't want to question it too much because this is the first time it has worked in several days, and of course the technician is coming tomorrow to fix it. Who knows?

Because my internet has not been working for several days, I have frequented cafés in the attempt to work, I will go and sit for hours, breaking records that only try to match my previous records spent in perkins library. However, I can only go to cafes so often and in reality (although I can never truly admit this), there is some work that I can do without my computer attached to the tips of my fingers. When I first started to realized this was true, I was amazed because I can't recall having done much of anything in the past four years without my computer. The majority of my arty stuff is on a computer and I write papers on computers and only last year did I take notes without a computer (this was mostly due to laziness of not wanting to carry my comp around). In fact, Nikhita and I were talking the other day about what it is like to write things, on paper. Who does that anymore? We were both fully in agreement that we can't think without the computer open in front of us to write. Now I ask, is this healthy? What does this mean for my and future generations? We are completely dependent on these machines but more than that, the internet. Yes I could theoretically write a paper without the internet because I would still have my computer, and in fact, the internet probably only distracts me, but still I feel a gap when I don't have access. In normal life (meaning at home in the US), I have internet access everywhere. I am one of those crackberry people who will google anything, anywhere, anytime. And seriously, when are any of us "disconnected"? By not having internet, this means I am only checking my email once a day, only responding to facebook and checking my blogs every few days, this is disconnected? I don't know, I don't know how this affects me or what it says about me but I'm sure it says something about everyone who is this way, meaning a good portion of the world. With laptops and smartphones and wifi enabled ipods, how long do we ever go without checking our emails? We don't.

Sorry, that was a rant but I can't help but think and also see that I have a problem, which reminds me, I miss my blackberry, a lot, like more than anyone should ever admit to missing an inanimate object, but I do. You should all expect me to attack you when I get back via blackberry.

Moving on (that's what we do in life isn't it?), yesterday was the first day of winter here. This means that you all, you who are in the northern hemisphere, are now in summer, does that mean it will get hotter in North Carolina? Lord, I hope not, I don't want to melt as I get off the plane, how anti-climactic. Anyways, it was the first day of winter and the high for the day was something like 55 degrees (Fahrenheit of course because I'm american and that's how my brain works). All day long, in the newspapers and on the news channels, there were messages about how this was the coldest day of the year and how everyone was hoping that this cold let up so as to not create the coldest winter in history. I'm being serious for the record. Also, as a result of this, the people are bundled. I have never even seen people who live in places where it actually gets cold wear two scarfs, but here I have seen that. Partly that is because people here will wear absolutely anything and also because if it goes below 70, they think they are going to die of cold. Now I understand that people are adjusted differently to cold weather based on experiences but I just cannot take these people seriously. Today it was in the 60s and people were wearing gloves, heavy winter jackets, several sweaters, scarfs y qué sé yo, everything you could ever imagine you would wear if you were in wisconsin and it was 20 below. I know I should be accepting and not judgmental, but I'm not and I will judge you if you ever try to tell me that 60s is cold.

In addition to this major excess amount of clothing that everyone argentine desires to wear, it affects us foreigners too. I am by far one of the more naked people in BA this time of year and that usually means that I am wearing boots, tights, dress and a sweater during the day and my leather jacket at night. That's naked. For some reason, even though any of us have ever seemed to think it is what we would call cold, we wear clothes like it is. For example, I have seen Lindsay, who let me remind you is from Wisconsin, wearing a sweater and her northface jacket with jeans and flats when it is in the 70s. Now that's just ridiculous. We feel for some reason obliged to dress like this. Literally every day we talk about how it's not cold outside and based on the reactions of the people, we get dressed thinking we are going outside in a blizzard, it never snows. (Sidenote: Apparently, 3 years ago, it snowed in BA. I have recieved this information from several different people. It's apparently a very big deal. This reason this interests me is because I would love to be here during snow, absolutely love it, because I cannot even fathom what people would do. Would they leave houses? Could they leave their houses? Would the city just stop moving? I think it would be utterly fascinating.) This reminds me also, I brought two jackets. One for medium weather and one for slightly colder, not cold weather. Well I haven't had to opportunity to wear my colder one, not even once. This makes me sad, because I love that coat and it's not like I can wear it when I get back home, apparently it's deathly hot.

So this is short and sweet, hope you enjoy for once that I didn't write a five page blog. you're welcome fans.

(I know I need to make my ego smaller, it's not all real, I swear)

love you lots
and lots
and argentina won
the US plays tomorrow

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  1. So by wearing more clothes do you exhibit more fashion? The reverse is of course by wearing less clothing are you less fashionable....