Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hey Boys and Girls

I know I have been not very daily in my blog updating recently. Let's just call me a failure and move on. Today is Sunday and instead of doing the work that I know I need to do because I will have no more time before it is due, I am watching Dexter and skyping with my mother, how fascinating. Actually, and this may surprise you all, I haven't really talked to mom since last week, which for us is a really long time. I've just been busy this week and my yoga classes are moved to the nighttime now, limiting the amount of time I am actually ever at my house at night and thank the lord for that because I hate it here. The maid steals and the nasty host mothers bring in people without telling me and don't introduce and just leave me standing in the kitchen in my pajamas. Those bitches.

So right now I am sitting at starbucks which is where I spend more time than I should actually admit. Ami and Lindsay and Nikhita and I all come here quite often to the point that I realized today that I will most likely miss the people who work here. We beso when we come in, the security guard and I have inside jokes and we share mate with them. This might make me sound a bit pathetic, but the reason that we come here is to escape being in our houses with our awful host families (at least that's why Lindsay and I come) and we can stay here and not be bothered of judged and there is coffee and there are muffins and it is a happy place. Also, here, Starbucks does not have the same stigma that it does in the states because starbucks is actually the cool place to be, it's where all the young people go, whereas the traditional sit down and enjoy your coffee at a table cafe is where all the old people go. In the states, the cool people go to local places, I know this, but it's just different here. Anytime you walk into a starbucks here, you will see tons of people working, lots of teenagers hanging out and many more teenagers making out. It's a interesting place.

This past week, on Tuesday, I went to the Opera with my program. It was free and I had never been to the opera. We went to see Madame Butterfly, which was very beautiful and possibly the most melodramatic thing I have ever seen. Butterfly kills herself because it is no longer worth living once she finds out her American husband (she's japanese) has gotten a new wife. It's pretty darn racist but the music is beautiful. The seats that we had were in the paraiso alto section, which is the section that is so high, you can touch the ceiling, literally. We could only sit in certain places because of the arches that they most conveniently built in front of us. Also, there were some points where I actually considered napping. This was not because it was boring but rather because the music was beautiful and relaxing and put me into a happy place where I could nap. I never actually fell asleep, I was afraid that I was going to fall off and into the crowd. It was my first opera, I am cultured now and I actually really liked it, I think might go to another one sometime. It could be fun.

Let's see, the rest of this week has been filled with lots of homework and class and skyping with friends which is obviosuly the most wonderful of the three. I am going to yoga twice a week, which is honestly the only thing getting me through living in Argentina at this point. I love the studio here and my yoga instructor is really awesome, we also get to do inversions in every class and I just really like it. I also really like having my classes taught in spanish, I'm getting pretty good at knowing the names of all the body parts. Also, I am damn near mastering the forearm stand which if you don't know what that looks like, then you should google it and my goal before I leave Argentina is to master the handstand, I'm getting there, but I haven't made it yet.

Friday, Ami and Lindsay and I made an attempt to go the religious theme park here in BA, but we never actually made it because we were too busy enjoying life and taking things slowly, so we actually did nothing all day. However, Friday night, we did manage to make it to the movie theater. Finally, a week later, Sex and the City 2 premiers in Argentina and we were able to go see it. The theatre was almost entirely women, which wasn't surprising but what was surprising was that there were actually some straight men to found in there with us. We watched and laughed, mostly at how ridiculous everything we were seeing was. We also realized that half the jokes in the movie were fully based on puns in the English language and there were so many awesome jokes that were just lost, like lawrence of my labia and mid-wife crisis are the two I can think of right now. Anyways, I liked the movie for its epic badness and I just really thought Liza Minelli singing single ladies might be the funniest thing I have ever seen. Another favorite part would be Samantha's breakdown in the middle of the market, oh the awesomness.

The rest of our super awesome weekend has been filled with homework. I'm supposed to be reading all of The Color Purple by tomorrow and Ami and Lindsay both have parciales tomorrow, which are like midterms. ick. I'm about 2/3 of the way through and have no desire to read anymore, I find it be boring. Oh and Saturday night, we went out to celebrate Lindsay's 22 and 2/3 + 1 day birthday. We wanted the opportunity to celebrate everyone's birthday while we were here in BA and her birthday is in October, we missed her half birthday and attempted to celebrate her 3/4 birthday, but somehow miscalculated 9 months from October as an actual 8 months from her birthday, giving us 2/3. This day fell on a Friday and the only day of the week we don't have dinner provided with our families is on Saturday, so we added a day, making this the most complicated celebration ever. It was fun, we basically did the same thing we do every Saturday night, we went to Cumaná, had some wine and sat talking for over 3 hours. Ami and I gave Lindsay a cup of ice water for her birthday, she was really missing ice water. We lead some crazy exciting lives.

I'm not really else what to say at this point. I can't wait to come home, you knew that. I have a lot of work to do, you knew that. Oh, I'm going to travel again this week, and that's exciting if only because I get to be away from the old hag host mothers. We're going to Mendoza for 4 days and it should be a lot of fun. There will be paragliding in the andes and wine drinking and bike riding from vineyard to vineyard and we are going to absolutely ignore homework the entire time, how happy!

In other fun news, I have to take my computer to the MAC store sometime soon because I think I have somehow screwed up my airport and for all you haters out there, you are not allowed to contribute that to MAC error, because I doubt it actually is. I will contribute it completely to Kristin error, because if you recall, I break things. I can't work well with plants, animals, cell phones, ipods or computers. Don't ever let me babysit. Just a warning.

I think that's about it for now, I have class tomorrow and tuesday and I'm skipping on thursday, which is also exciting.

And remember, you are the truth of the world.


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  1. I miss my baby! I LOVED talking to you tonight, paragliding in the andes, you do get to do it all!!!