Monday, May 3, 2010

"juice box trend sweeps the nation after duke student imports argentine obsession"

So, I wasn't actually planning on posting today, but I felt that this needed to be shared with everyone.

First, the skype conversation that started it all:

Lindsay Berger: yeah, i totally owe you a juice box tomorrow
Lindsay Berger: i like that we treat each other with juice boxes
Lindsay Berger: it's a great tradition
Lindsay Berger: i'm going to miss that when we get back to the u.s.
kristinoakley: why are we stopping it/
kristinoakley: who said i was?
Lindsay Berger: who said you were what?
kristinoakley: stoppng the juice box tradition
Lindsay Berger: oh, that's right. you're gonna start a trend in the u.s.
Lindsay Berger: with the juice boxes
kristinoakley: yep
kristinoakley: in NYC
Lindsay Berger: omg that would be so great!!! i really hope it works!
Lindsay Berger: i would love it!
kristinoakley: im going to try
Lindsay Berger: i can see that as a headline, "north carolinean singlehandedly restores the popularity of the juice box"
kristinoakley: see my life is going to be on tv
Lindsay Berger: kristin oakley sweeps the nation with the juice box trend
kristinoakley: yeah pretty much
kristinoakley: you can write the story

Lindsay is a journalism major, so on my wall I receive this:

ok, here it is.

the headline would be, "juice box trend sweeps the nation after duke student imports argentine obsession"

lede and nut graf(s): "from new york to san francisco, citizens across the nation have rekindled their nostalgic flame with the juice box. kristin oakley, a duke sophomore, is credited with igniting the trend she first observed during a semester abroad in buenos aires, argentina, where citizens consume seven times more juice boxes annually than americans. the north carolina native, currently studying in new york city, was first spotted with a multi-fruit juice box in hand in times square near the end of august. stylish new yorkers followed oakley's lead and began carting many varieties of mott's juice boxes around the city for a healthful and youthful afternoon pick-me-up. the juice box is now considered a staple in the life of all powerful new york execs and has attained a position of prestige rivaling that of the requisite blackberry."

next, there would be statistics quantifying how much juice box consumption has increased, and in which cities it is most popular. i can also see a follow-up story about the positive health effects this massive increase in juice box consumption has had on the nation, including an exclusive interview with one kristin oakley.

And then, even more:

kristinoakley: all i have to do is look fabulous while drinking juice boxes
Lindsay Berger: i know
Lindsay Berger: i was thinking that would be a good sidebar type thing
Lindsay Berger: like pictures of the essentials of a new york wardrobe
Lindsay Berger: with you looking stylish with a juice box
Lindsay Berger: and then little information boxes about all of your wardrobe essentials
Lindsay Berger: including the juicebox

This, my friends, is why we are friends.


p.s. all real writing credit here goes to lindsay berger.

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