Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lord I need to get better at this blogging thing.

Hey guys I know it's been a while, almost a whole week, but you must remember that now that your exams have died down and come to an end, my semester is just starting to get intense. So let's review Kristin's last week quickly:

Martes/Tuesday: I was sick, didn't leave the house except for to go to the kisoco at the corner to get wheat cookies and sprite.

Miercoles/Wednesday: I went to immigration to get my visa, it was a horrific experience, I cried, but that's not the point, I got my temporary residency. I'm an argentine resident for at least the next 15-30 days. Had lunch at pura vida, drank coffee, attempted to go to the art seminar I wanted to do, which yet again hasn't started. Then went to Mario's house in San Telmo, ate pasta, listened to him talk forever, came home, slept. The end.

Jueves/Thursday: Got up, went to class. This was boring but alright. Went to get thai food in Chinatown with Greg and Lindsay. It was decent. Did not make it to yoga because of thai food eating. Came home, watched copious amounts of Gossip Girl instead of doing homework.

Viernes/Friday: Woke up, got in the way of the housekeeper who gets here obnoxiously early on Friday mornings. Went to get vegetarian buffet and then went to La Boca. El Caminito, you should have seen pictures by now. There were colorful houses and the amount of harassments was increased about ten-fold, we even got a f*** you, how pleasant. Took lots of pictures, returned to recoleta, had some coffee and went home for dinner. After dinner, Greg and Lindsay and I went to see a movie called Synecdoche, New York. I still have no idea what it was about.

Sábado/Saturday: Very argentine day, sort of. It was at least as argentine as we will ever be. Woke up, went to pura vida and got food to go. Ate food in the park, sat in another park and drank mate while people watching. Attempted to do work, failed. Went home for a bit, did some work, skyped the fam then we went out to eat and for a show at this place called Clásica y Moderna, which is a bookstore/restaurant thing. It was cool and I had a really interesting salad of pears, arugula (they love it here), walnuts and blue cheese. The show was good, we also had wine and a brownie thing for dessert.

Hoy/Domingo/Sunday: I went to tea connection with those people I always go to tea connection with. Tea Connection got a new menu, it's seasonal, what the hell? the only reason this upsets me is because I will never again be able to eat a mangomania salad and they are delicious. They did however slightly make up for it with their new salad choices, I had the Riso-n'salad, which was basically risotto covered in a thick layer of arugula with walnuts and olive oil, it was also delicious. After that, Ami and Lindsay and I went to our sunday-afternoon-let's-do-homework haven called starbucks (because of the chairs) and we worked for a long time. And of course we did the usual people watching and what not, people really like to get it on in starbucks here. I don't know, now I'm home and am not able to contact my parents at all, too bad it's mother's day. That's alright though because I am talking to cassidy for the first time in forever.

That's about it for what you missed, there isn't a whole lot going on. I'm doing a lot of reading and homework for my classes here while also trying to get things done for NY next semester. It's a lot to handle and I can't really get any work done in my room. I don't really like being in my house, that's a problem. Anyways, I've been thinking a lot about Argentina and whether or not I would have chosen it had I known what I was going to go through and the answer is, most likely not. I do not regret my decisions to study abroad but I do not think I would have chosen Argentina and although my goal was to learn spanish more, I do not know what I would have even chosen a spanish-speaking country. Ah, too late for that now, I have had some wonderful experiences and made some good friends so it is alright.

Last thought of the post: do you think that argentine women are bitchy because they are hungry?


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