Thursday, May 20, 2010

You are insultingly young.

So I am trying to recapture my narrative abilities but I feel that my depression has stolen them from me. I never considered myself a particularly amazing writer, but I feel that my last several posts have been sub-par, somewhat mediocre. I have considered making up stories about all the amazing things I have been doing in BA, using my imagination to the best of it's abilities, like the Wiggles do. However, I have decided that I am too honest a person for this, I have decided to only tell you real, true life stories, like A&E and MTV do.

Moving on from my rambling. On Wednesday, May 19, I had my first real anything with my internship with this independent literary arts magazine run out of BA. They are in their seventh year, which is kind of a big deal, because think about how hard it is to start and maintain a magazine in the states, now imagine that with how difficult Argentina makes everything. So, basically they are cool. The email I received said that I should meet both the directors, Marcelo and Graciela, and my contact Maxi at the house/office thing at 6:15 to review what I am doing before the meeting started at 7.

I got there at 6:15 exactly which means I was very early on Argentine time. Marcelo and Maxi were there, we sat down and chatted about what I was doing and what I have been doing. Marcelo ranted about facebook and twitter and twitting and how he doesn't understand it (he's in his 60s, I'm guessing) and it was pretty hilarious. Graciela arrived right around 7, looking completely disheveled, but when she got settled, we sat down and I caught her up on everything I had talked about with Marcelo and Maxi.

At around 7:30, the first person showed up for the meeting and then they started pouring in (by which I mean, that the meeting totaled maybe 11 people). A little after 8, the meeting started. I took notes, they talked and had intellectual discussions. I was lost for about half of it and then (to make myself a wonderful use of the english language) they talked about Lost and the end of Lost for maybe half an hour or more. At the end of the meeting, I chatted with my teacher who is a writer for the magazine and then we all went out to dinner. By this time it was 10oclock and I needed to go home, but this was the first time that I had ever had the opportunity to meet any one with the magazine, so I took it. This was also the first time that I had eaten an entire dinner with only Argentines and I will say only this, I miss table manners and I thank Emily Post for her crazy etiquette inducing ways. Anyways, we finally finished dinner and I went home and showered by about 1:30 and needless to say, I did not finish my homework for my 10am class the next day.

(Sidenote: I have been writing this blog post for literally 4 days, so there are many more things I must tell you).

Thursday, nothing in particular happened. Class, yoga, café with Ami and Lindsay where we made a full list of all the things we want to do while we are in BA. As of today (Sunday, the 23rd), we have only 6 full weeks and some change left and we have a lot to do. But that's okay, we will either finish the list or we won't, none of us actually care all that much.

Friday, I woke up and did the most exciting thing ever. I went to the immigration office to get my permanent residency and by that I mean, I am officially a resident of Argentina, until the 29th of September of course. After the massively boring wait at Immigration, we went to Pura Vida for lunch which was delicious and then I came home to skype with a most lovely Nandita Rao. I caught her right between her two scheduled out study times for the M-CAT, this is why I am a double humanities major. Win. But really, I love her a lot, she's fabulous and I miss her like crazy. After that I took a really long nap and then woke up to have dinner with the host mom and her lesbian lover (who is not actually her lesbian lover, I don't think, but it is her friend who has in the past week for some unknown reason moved into our house). After that, I did absolutely nothing and I have no shame in admitting it. My Friday night consisted of a shower, a bowl of cereal and some sex and the city. It was ultimately glorious.

Saturday comes. Saturday is the day of fun. I woke up, had some eggs and with some fresh mushrooms in them that I had bought at the farmer's market. It was delicious and then Ami and Lindsay and I went the Abasto Shopping Center with the intention of shopping and a result which was more like us just trying on the most ridiculous argentine clothes we could find and taking pictures in the dressing rooms. Don't worry, I'll post all these pictures soon. So, I actually bought one shirt from Zara but that was all any of us bought. I just needed something new in my closet, I hate everything I have here. After shopping, we went to this place in Palermo that is supposed to have really good cupcakes. And as it turns out, they have really good cupcakes. We got a lot of cupcakes and some coffee because we want to try them all. We each got a main cupcake for ourselves and then we each picked one that we would cut into thirds, so that each of us could participate in the glory that is baked goods. Lindsay picked the carrot cupcake as her primary and a patagonia as her secondary (which is chocolate with a berry mousse). Ami and I both picked the Red Velvet cupcake as our primary and she picked the Bombon as her secondary (which is chocolate, dulce de leche and creme). My secondary was Café Olé which really just means tiramisu. Heaven. No worries, there are pictures of everything from the unveiling to the aftermath of this glorious baked goods adventure. These will also be posted when I care to post them in the near future.

So after this, we went to check out the bicentennial nonsense. (Oh, we did walk into a store on the way to the subway from cupcakes and I found my perfect shoes in the right color on sale but sadly and as perfectly explains my life in this country, they didn't have my size or even a size close to mine and if you recall that scene from the most famous youtube video called Shoes, the scene where the saleslady tells him that his feet are kinda big, well that is pretty much what went down in this store, except for she was super nice and I am just not the same size as an Argentine in any sense.) We got to 9 de julio, which is the street where all the jazz is happening. There were concerts and harps and more people than I could ever hope to count. We fought the crowd for a bit and then got bored and sat down and watched a guy paint graffiti for a while. After a bit of this and some people watching, we left and walked to Cumaná for dinner. No, we don't have any creativity, or in reality, it's cheap and close and the only argentine food any of us really likes. We sat and chatted for forever. Oh and it was decided that I have a cute version of a southern accent and should not try to rid myself of it anymore because what I have left is not annoying like Paula Deen's (and her existence) but rather quite charming and seemingly hospitable. How do you feel about this? I would really like to know more, do you like the amount of accent I have left? Let me know.

After eating, we left, Ami and I got some chocolate milk in boxes like they have juice and walked home while having an entire conversation on the validity of juice boxes and how it is completely unnecessary to add sugar to juice because it is perfect in its natural state. I came home, showered and fell asleep to the wonderful sounds of Lady Gaga playing very loudly from the apartment below me.

How glorious, I know! I also know that this is a very long post, you're welcome, I know you are all on summer vacation and have nothing better to fill your time. There should be more to come as it is the most exciting weekend of the bicentennial and I don't actually have to go to class again until Thursday. Oh and I don't have class on Fridays, win.

For now, I should either do some reading or not, I have yet to decide.

Lots of love
miss you all

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  1. The slight hint of SOuthern accent makes you unique, and it is so slight, that you only hear it when you are listening closely, this is a good thing!!