Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Adventures of Elga and Marge.

So, if you weren't already assured that I was completely an idiot, please let me tell you what Ami and I did last night. We went to eat at Cumaná and we sat there for forever. I talked, Ami listened, apparently I am a very interesting person. I explained religion to Ami, and I mean all of them, we have very different upbringings. Then we finally decide to leave and give or take a few unimportant sentences, the conversation goes like this:

Me: You know what would be really good right now? Let's go get some chocolate milk.
Ami: Ok, let's go find a kiosco.
Me: Alright, we've walked for four blocks, there are no kioscos open. Hey, look! A McDonald's, let's get a tres sueños McFlurry!!
Ami: But wait isn't Volta around here somewhere?
Me: Yeah, it's that way...oh how will we decide between the two?
Ami: Let's play rock paper scissors, I'll be McDonald's, you be Volta.
Me: Oh, you're the white trash version of me!....oh I feel like I'm controlling destiny.
Ami: Fine, then we'll flip a coin
Me: Not in front of the homeless woman, that's do you flip a coin?
Ami: I don't know
Me: Oh shit, I dropped it.
Ami: look and see what does it say

(We walk to volta, buy ice cream, sit down to eat)

Ami: Hey look at the wall, I can tap that woman on the head with my giant foot shadow, hahahahahahah
Me:Oh hey, me too, let's make shadows with our feet. do you think my toe will fit in that man's ear?
Ami: I don't know, I keep wiggling my calf right next to his head....

this went on for a good 20 minutes, affirming that we are in facts, complete idiots. I'm sorry you had to read this, I thought you should know.

to move on to other things, it's been a pretty busy weekend. I guess that's good. Yesterday, I went to Belgrano, to Barrio Chino a.k.a. Chinatown to get Thai food. Now, that might sound strange to you, thai food in chinatown, but it's most certainly the most logical choice for thai food in BA. Not only was I surprised by how good it was for BA's standards, I was surprised that it was actually good. Or maybe it's just that I haven't had any thai food in 3 months and have forgotten what it is supposed to taste like, that's also a possibility. Anyways, so I went with my friend Erika and we did the double split which I think is necessary in all thai food situations. We shared the paneang curry with tofu and a chicken pad thai. They were amazing, I got extra rice, which they never charge for in Argentina. Yay. And it was actually really good, the curry, in my opinion was better then the pad thai, but both were good. We ate everything and then got dessert. We ordered sweet rice with mango (which a one, very lovely Nandita Rao introduced me to) and it was amazing. Hot sticky, sweet rice with coconut milk and mango slices from heaven. Oi, I was in love. Then we got the bill, yikes. International food here isn't cheap, doesn't matter if it's good or not, it's just not cheap. But it was oh so delicious and I plan to go back on Thursday for more heaven. HEAVEN.

After that we went by Erika's house for a second and then headed out to a free concert in the street. It was sort of correlated with the international book fair that's going on right now (I know, I know, the 10 year old Kristin's biggest dream, international book fair) and had some really famous old people. So we went and sat and more and more and more and more people came. the concert finally started and the opening act was some lady, no idea who she was, but I was uncomfortable sitting on the ground in a hot pink dress and I wanted to get some coffee. So I leave to get coffee and run into Ami and Lindsay, standing literally 5 people away. There were so many people I would never have known. Anyways, they were kind of bored also, so we went to get coffee. Lindsay just wanted to make sure to be back for some old Brazilian Guy named Caetano Veloso (yes I had to look that up), apparently he is the BobDylan of south america. Lindsay told us we should feel honored to have seen him live, I believe her, it was actually really cool. Also, watching Ami in crowds is fun, she's short. So before the crowd could leave, we left. The Subte was closed because of all the people and we waited for a bus for about 10 minutes. We caught the bus and went back to Recoleta.

As you have read before, you know what happened for dinner and the aftermath, I won't go into it again.

Today is Sunday, that means it is homework day. I should be doing homework, but I'm not yet. I am going to tea connection for lunch (as always) and I have to meet my concentration at the International Book Fair at 4. We are going to hang out there and then see someone talk. His name is Richard Piglia, pretty famous if I'm right. And then there is a free circus tonight, that I sort of want to go to, but then I don't know when I would do my homework.

That's about it for this episode of inside the life of kristin.

Until next time,


p.s. I forgot to tell you what the title of the last blog meant, it was "estudiar letras es como morir de hambre" which in english means "to study literature is like dying of hunger". someone at UBA told me this last week, I love it. It's even better than the American version, which is "What are you going to do with that?" The answer, probably be happier than you corporate asshole or scientist shut up in a lab who hasn't seen daylight in 5 years (that doesn't apply to lily though).

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  1. I think you and Ami should go on the road!!! Together you are FAB!!