Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Part 2.

Wednesday, April 7th: I spent the night at Mom's hotel and we woke up and went to La Biela together for breakfast. This is a place you should go, it's one of those really cool old cafés in BA and it has a gorgeous patio under a massive tree. They also have scrambled eggs. Oh and they charge more to sit outside, they know it's a cool place to be. We then went to the cemetery and spent many hours goofing off. Mom doesn't have all that much respect for the dead, hehe. And then we went to the flower and Mom sat while I took pictures.

You know honestly, I can't remember all the things we did. I took pictures of the important things, but if I ever want to finish this blog, I just need to say, ooohhh look at my pictures. I know we went to the National History Museum of Clothing and it was awesome and then I had to write a review about it for class.

I am in the process of posting pictures. Also, I miss mom and wish she could visit again.

As for the past week, because I did absolutely no work while mother was visiting, I worked this week, a lot. I read all day sunday for class monday. And then monday and tuesday, I had class all day. Wednesday, I read all day for class on Thursday and wrote a a review on the museum and then I did some grammar practice on the subjunctive, which I hate. Also, on wednesday, I went to San Telmo with Ami and I bought some shoes, because I am sorry to inform you people, but not only did my most favorites gladiators die this past week, my black flats also died. This means that I had to go buy shoes, and I literally mean had to buy shoes. I'd worn the others out. When I come back, I am going to look ragged and horrible and I will have holes in everything I own. Also, it rained and rained and rained and rained and rained this week. Tuesday, rain. Wednesday, rain. Thursday, rain. It was like I was living in London. Also, when we went to San Telmo on Wednesday, Ami and I took the C-line, which smells like plague and goes to Constitucion (where you should never go) and got off at a stop that was right beside the highway (bad place). Also, for funsies, the C-line is the only subte in the city that runs from north to south and vice versa, the subway system here works as well as everything else in Argentina.

Also, for a a class, I'm reading a book called Boquitas Pintadas by Manuel Puig and I actually really like it. Don't tell anyone else in my program, but I really do.

Oh, so I know this is the most ADD post ever, but I am going to Uruguay tomorrow, just to Colonia. Also, I need to go to sleep, because I am so tired and also I have to get up really early tomorrow.

Alrights loves, until saturday, or rather most likely sunday,

P.S. If you don't watch Glee, your life is probably incomplete, so start now, you are only 14 dazzling episodes behind. do it.

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  1. I dont have respect for the dead, look at the picture of you with angel, volume 1... I miss you too baby!!