Monday, April 12, 2010

The Return of the Worst Blogger in the History of the World.

Ottoman couch, how handsome your furniture.

I listen to too much Vampire Weekend, you should too.

Anyways, so I have returned and my life has started to calm down a bit. In fact it has calmed down so much that I have more than enough time to sit at home and do my homework. This is disgusting, thank god I'm going to Uruguay this weekend. That makes me sound way cool.

So it seems that we have lost a week in time, so I plan to review what happened or qué pasó this past week. I am going to do this while I transfer things to the new external Ben sent me. Apparently, my computer is so full that I can't even update it, damn. So, as you know Mom was here visiting for the past ten days, well she left on Saturday and yesterday, I had to read 80some pages in Spanish of Native American short stories, mmm fun. In more recent news, I am now addicted to plums, peaches are out of season and I am starting to see people I recognize in random parts of BA. Also, for those of you who haven't talked to me recently, my hair is long, like woah long and it doesn't seem that I will cut it until January and my return to Duke, who knows if I will sit on it by then.

Sorry, the ADD is acting up, the past ten days.

Thursday, April 1st: My mother arrives in the morning. I wake up and walk to meet her at her hotel after breakfast. I bring her chocolates from Bariloche and I buy flowers on the street, she is lucky to have me. We meet, we hug, we kiss and then we go find food. She's been on a plane for many many hours. We walked to my house at some point and had coffee with Ami. I don't remember if we did anything else. And then that night, because Aleea and Netty are bad influences, Ami and I went out. We met them in Palermo and ended up going to transvestite night, called Club 69, at Niceto Club. It was super fun and I shared two choripans with Aleea and Netty in the middle of the night. I didn't really sleep, neither did Ami.

Friday, April 2nd: We fly to Iguazú Falls and go to the hotel. We have lunch and go to the park. A remise driver tries to cheat us but we end having an alright day. The falls are beautiful and at some point I will post pictures, right now though I have nowhere to put any pictures. I have some emotional instability based on lack of sleep and personality disposition. We eat dinner with Lindsay, Greg and Ami. We sleep.

Saturday, April 3rd: We wake up, have breakfast. The hotel realizes there are three people in our room. We return to the park after checking out of the hotel. We make it to the boat on time. WE RIDE A BOAT INTO THE WATERFALL. Our lives are cool. We ride the boat down the river and then ride on a truck thing back to the entrance while getting a talk about the biology of the place. We get a taxi to the airport and return to Buenos Aires and I can't remember if we did anything else. But it was Aleea's birthday!!!! So at some point, I go to their hostel and we wait for the guys, Scott and Dan (Thon) to arrive. We go to dinner and are obnoxious, but it's fun. We return to the hostel to wait to go to Pácha and run into Matt, haha. We go to Pácha and lose Scott and dance and make fun of people and have a wonderful time. Please refer to the facebook pictures if you are curious. We leave Pácha and have the best hamburgers ever from a stand on the side of the road. Ahhh!!! I return to the hotel because we are going to San Telmo in the morning, yet again, insignificant amounts of sleep.

Sunday, April 4th: We get up and take a bus to San Telmo for the market. The city is relatively dead, everyone is at church, it's easter and all. We have coffee and a concept of breakfast. We walk around forever and buy some things. I got a hat which is the most exciting thing to happen to my abnormal head ever. We came back from San Telmo and I think I took a nap, I can't remember which is why I am not good at this blogging for the past thing. Oh I remember, Mom and I ate dinner at Tea Connection!!! I didn't finish my reading, turns out it wasn't due then anyways.

Monday, April 5th: I got up at my house and ate breakfast. Then I went to Las Violetas again because I had a meeting with Patricio. We chatted, he told me my spanish was good and that was about it. Then I went to my four hour class at UBA. Afterwards, I met mom and we walked to Santa Fe and went to the bookstore. Then we went and ate at La Cholita because mom didn't want to walk far. I walked Mom home after dinner and that was about it.

Tuesday, April 6th: I stayed at my house again because I had to go to class in the morning, However, I didn't have my afternoon class, so I came back and met mom for lunch at Pura Vida. We decided we were tired after this and went and took naps and did nothing, literally nothing. We met Lindsay, Greg and Ami for dinner. We had delicious food and got Mom addicted to empanadas and that was that day.

Sorry, I know this is basically pointless, but I can't remember all that much in the past.

I will finish later, this is part one.



  1. Yes I am lucky to have you, the chocolate,and the beautiful flowers. Yes, you are emotionally unstable even with sleep, besides a great fedora, I got you a great purse, went to 2 museums (one only cost a peso), got ripped off by a stupid b_tch while buying sweaters, now love empanadas, loved the Art, and had a GREAT time!