Monday, April 26, 2010

Estudiar letras es como morir de hambre.

I know, I know, I have been absolutely awful about updating my blog this week. I could lie and say that I have been super busy and had tons of work to do, but that's not entirely true. It's just been a rough week.

As most of you know or at least should have figured out by now, I'm not too crazy about argentina. And that dislike has been getting more and more difficult to handle as time is passing. It's been a rough week because I know that I am unhappy here and I have been having some difficulty dealing with it. I want to come home, I miss everyone dearly and there is no possibility that I can come home. I have exactly ten weeks from today left. I can't wait. Now, you may be thinking, this is the most amazing opportunity and Kristin is getting to see so many amazing things and that is all true, but there is a very large difference between traveling somewhere, seeing how beautiful it is and living there. There have been a lot of things that have contributed to this dislike. I really don't care for the disorganization that is inherent in everything argentine, I really just want someone to get their shit together. I also really really can't handle the food here. They have basically no international food, everyone eats argentine food. My lit professor told me that eating international food was something only rich, elitist people eat international food. So there is not much sushi or chinese food to be found, basically no thai or indian food and I have yet to find any good hummus. The last thing that is wearing on me the most is my relationship with my host mother. I don't care for her at all and in addition, I don't think I am all that good at living with host families, it has never really been a good experience for me. I am thinking about moving houses for my last month, because then I won't have to deal with her. She has been trying to control my diet, what I wear and she sometimes watches me eat. It's really frustrating, anyone who bothers to read this blog probably has met my mother and knows that she hasn't tried to control anything I do ever, or at least in a very long time. I miss her more than you could imagine. Anyways, not to start off on a negative note, although I did, I just wanted to tell you what has been going on in my life and much more important than my classes, this has been going on.

Moving on, this past Monday, I had to go talk to one of my advisors in the program about my diet. I hate eat. All we eat is heavy food and meat and more heavy food and then some more meat. And my host mother has been trying to force feed me and has been yelling at me about wasting food and whether or not I am on some sort of diet. I'm not on a diet (we know I love food too much for that), but I have been trying to eat healthier because you are what you eat and I think it will make me happier if I eat better, if I eat the way I am used to, little to no meat, no salt and fresh vegetables. MM, good. I also eat wheat usually with milk, but I am weird. So I went to talk to them and the first thing they suggested was moving houses but it turns out I had missed the date by 4 days to move and so I would have to live with her until at least the 22nd of May, so they decided to just call her instead. They called and she asked me that night about what I liked and what I didn't. I told her less meat, more vegetables, no salt. She told me she doesn't cook with salt, and compared to most argentines, she doesn't, but I bet she has high blood pressure. I laughed (in my head) when she told me this. We have had meat almost every night this week since that call. Great. It is slightly better though, there was actually lettuce in the house, clean fresh crisp lettuce in the house. I just ate it plain I was so excited. However, she is still trying to "trick" me into eating more and basically, I can't stand her. Hence, I'm thinking about moving anyways.

I haven't really done much else this week, I've had some homework. None of this homework got approached until the last minute though, because someone named Nandita finally reappeared onto planet earth and we skyped for over 2 hours. And then I got to talk to Sean and Erik (and they, and I hope they read this, have no idea how much it means to me that they are always there and make a point to talk to me, because I am lonely and love to be remembered). On Thursday, I went to the first step of getting my residency and was therefore late for class, and that was about it. I went to yoga too, woot.

Yesterday was a fabulous day. I signed up (or rather sean signed me up because I was in class) for this trip through my program (which means they paid). It was an Urban Biking trip to Tigre which is a bit outside of BA. And also, weather permitting, a kayaking trip when we got to Tigre because its right on the river. It's a big river, woah. So, we went, we rode a train a bit out of the city because it's scary. And then we rode our bikes, made a pit stop, had alfajores and mate and then kept on riding. We rode to Tigre, had some lunch and some really good smoothies. The weather was perfect, we went kayaking and it was amazing. We then rode the train back into BA and we were done. I fell asleep on my bed when I got home, had to wake up to shower and eat something and skype with Erik for a bit and then went back to sleep. Now, it is the next day and I'm fully rested but I need some ibuprofen. Yikes.

Anyways, today, I'm going to get some thai food in Belgrano, let's hope it's good. I know, I just keep trying with low expectations and I am going to keep trying. And then I may or may not go to the horse races here, not sure about that. I don't really know what the day holds.

Talk to you soon.

un beso

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  1. SO maybe I should have been an overbearring bitch mommy with LOTS of rules, and a whip, yes, a whip to keep you in line, Oh and a key to the lock on the frig with all the fresh veggies, ahhhhh

    Love you, remember ALL experiences in life are important in creating the person you are and will become!

    I know it is difficult, but keep a positive outlook, head up, and your magazine internship will help open doors in NYC next semester, these is definitely a plus!!!