Monday, April 19, 2010

So these argentines, they know as much about nutrition as I know about football.

So, I just need to rant a little because you all know what a health nut I am. And I know two posts in one day, what is the world coming to? Shouldn't I be doing homework or facebook stalking someone, you're probably right, I should be.

Anyways, today was when I was in the IFSA office, I had a discussion with another girl from the program and then one of the people who works in the office about how little Argentines know about nutrition. And I literally mean, they know nothing. this discussion arose after I had to speak to Patricio, the guy who works in the office about how my host mother is trying to force me to eat, is getting mad when I don't eat enough and now watching me eat. That's uncomfortable.

Anyways, so we were talking about how little they know and even Patricio said that Argentines have the worst eating habits in pretty much the entire world. So here are a few things that I've noted that pertain to how they view nutrition:

1. My host mother doesn't eat bread....but she eats crackers, as if they are different. Apparently to Argentines, crackers are healthier, this is not something I knew before.

2. Peanut butter is unhealthy, especially compared to cream cheese, which is really healthy because there is a "light" version.

3. Putting sugar in your coffee is bad for your health, but eating dulce de leche is not.

4. Drinking milk is not important. In fact, the only dairy you need is cheese.

5. Breakfast is not important, not just a big breakfast, no breakfast at all is just fine. If you do however choose to eat breakfast, toast with lots of butter and jam or massively buttered croissants will do the trick.

6. Eating dinner and them immediately going to bed is just fine.

7. Every meal should have meat in it, large portions.

8. Every meal should have bread in it, large portions.

9. No food can taste good unless it is seasoned with salt. Only salt and lots of it. Pepper doesn't exist here.

10. There is no such thing as too much mayonnaise and there is nothing you can't put mayonnaise on, including tomatoes and butternut squash.

So, I'm sure there are other falsities that I have simply blocked out, but these are the basics and if you remember them, you can survive in Argentina. Aren't you lucky?

Also, reading this, it's not wonder I have gained weight huh? Also, they put dulce de leche on everything and they have some pretty awesome desserts. They also have a high percentage of anorexia, because they only way to be skinny is to not eat anything. In fact, it is estimated that eating disorders are 3 times more prevalent in Argentina that in the United States. 1 in 5 women in the United States struggle with an eating disorder or disordered eating. That means 3 of every 5 women you pass on the streets in Argentina either have an easting disorder or disordered eating. That is just epically sad.

In case you are wondering also, I did nothing of importance today. I went to class, it was long and boring and I ate a 4peso sandwich, that's like $1.

lots of love

p.s. don't fret, of course i still eat. i love food, not argentine food, but still food in general.

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