Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hourly Motels don't have a seedy reputation here.

So, this week is really boring. None of my classes start this week and I have having difficulty finding one thing to do each day. And of course, this would be the super slow week of death, because this weekend, we are going on our first foray in the rest of Argentina. I am epically stoked and just simply cannot wait for this week to pass.

Katie asked me yesterday if I had posted to my blog and that led me to think about why I hadn't, so I will recount for you what I did yesterday. I woke up at 11, ate some breakfast. I then went and bought my ticket to Bariloche. I met Lindsay at a café where I got the sweetest bit of food I have ever eaten. I have made a habit of eating second breakfasts here, breakfast foods for lunch which eludes the dear Argentines, but nonetheless I do. Anyways, I got "pancakes" with dulce de leche in them which were actually dulce de leche crepes with about a bottle of dulce de leche on them. They were unbelievably sweet and it took me like an hour and a half to eat 1 and 1/2. Anyways, after relearning the concept of addition, Lindsay and I went to our last stint of orientation. It was supposed to be a female chat, we were curious. It turned out to be a question and answer session of common sense tactics. We learned where to get the morning after pill (and were recommended that the minute after would be better) and also where to go if we felt the need to have random sex. It seems that since the program forbids us from bringing people to our house and since it is dangerous to go to someone's house whom we don't know all to well, that the only option is an hourly motel. Apparently, these types of places don't have seedy reputations. What a relief, I tell ya.

Anyways, after that, we went and sat in the park, got more mosquito bites and talked about our trip because neither of us have anything else going on. We went to the pharmacy to buy tiny shampoo bottles and cream for our mosquito bites. This is an adventure in itself because those aren't the words they teach you in spanish class. Has anyone ever been taught the word for anti itch cream? Me neither.

Oh, of note. Sunday night I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D (and in english with spanish subtitles) and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. It seems that my friends did not like it as much as I did, but in addition to now wanting to worship the ground that Tim Burton walks on, and Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter etc. I also want to make a shrine the costume designer of that movie. Whoever it is, deserves my first born child (which will rule the world in case you don't know) and I am simply obsessed with everything everyone wore in that movie. If I show up for Halloween one year dressed as the Mad Hatter, I will still need you all to be my friends.

Anyways, I have to get to yoga now. I'll be back later today, it's not like I have all that much to do.


P.S. I was trying to throw you all off with a midday post.

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