Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm making friends.

That is to say, I am making friends with the people who work in Pura Vida.

Yesterday was an average day. It had really good moments and really awful moments, averaging out to be average. I found a new all natural restaurant called Pura Vida. I had their mediterranean pita sandwich and it was awesome. It had hummus and tabouli and lettuce and love. I loved it. Mmm. Their primary purpose is a juice bar. Yesterday I had the Fiji, which has pineapple, blueberries, bananas, coconut milk and orange juice in it. It was delicious, I plan to try all the flavors before I leave, this should be easily possible.

After Pura Vida, I went to my castellano (aka spanish) class with the program. It's a grammar review and is epically boring. I had to leave this early because I was going to "shop" my first class. I was a bit excited because I had yet to shop a class. Lindsay had gone to the earlier section and I found out that some americans had been kicked out because there were too many foreigners. So I went to the class, knowing that this was a possibility. I got there early and sat down, waiting. People kept pouring in and by people I mean, more and more americans or extranjeros as we are so kindly known as at the Universidad de Salvador. So the professor noticed all of us and sometime after class was supposed to start, a small blonde lady came in. Her shirt was completely see through and she was wearing a white bra. Besides this fact, she started yelling at us violently. She made it very apparent that we were not welcome in there and so four of us left. I got kicked out and that was done with. I went and met Greg and Lindsay at a cafe while waiting to go to tango. So then I ordered a hot chocolate and the waiter brought me a glass of hot milk with a chocolate bar, this is not what I ordered. I'm quite certain of this. Anyways, I got my hot chocolate eventually and then I had to leave to go to tango. I got there just on time and the professor never showed up. That was exciting and then he emailed us today to tell us that we were at the wrong place. He had never mentioned this before today. Whatever, there were five of us who were wrong.

So then today, I got up and went to class and sat in class for like five hours, literally. Then I left and went to yoga and it was fabulous. After yoga, I had many errands to run. I had to go to the ATM because there isn't one in El Chalten, where I am going. And I had to buy tickets from El Calafate to El Chalten and back. Then I had to meet Ami to borrow a backpack and go to Pura Vida again. I got a apple muffin which was amazing. I also got the Berry Berry Good juice blend which has blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, banana and it was supposed to have to apple juice but they were out, so it had orange juice instead. It was delicious. Then I realized they had yogurt and I bought some and then put some honey in it and ate it. It was also delicious. Also, while we were all sitting there, we made friends with Sebastian. He works at Pura Vida and we are bffs now. After this, I had to go pick up my freshly laundered clothes and then go home and shower and pack. I also had to run back out to buy small packets oh shampoo and conditioner because apparently they don't sell freaking bottles for airplane travel in Argentina. What the hell.

Anyways, I'm all packed. I am currently skyping Bekah and I need to go to sleep because I have to get up at 3am tomorrow to fly to El Calafate. I will be there for five days, we are also going to El Chalten. Both of these places are worth googling and I will tell you all about trekking on glaciers and return with pictures on Sunday. I will most likely be out of commission on the blogging front until then.

Peace love besos and hummus,

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  1. hot milk and a chocolate bar, just love it!!