Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If I were ever to turn orange.

Today was an interesting day. It was a day of many firsts (all days here are really that, but today was even more so). Today, I rode the subte (subway) for the first time. Today it rained and then poured for the first time since the day I arrived (and which I did not leave the apartment). Today I saw more priests than I have ever seen in a single day. Today I listened to my iPod for the first time wile walking around the city.

Never choose a really humid, muggy day to try out the subway. It only makes it more oppressive and uncomfortable. The subte here seems fine, but it's not that extensive (not nearly as extensive as the bus system) and so I don't find it to be all that convenient. Anyways, we took the subte which led to our next adventure. Finding our way to UCA (Universidad Catolica Argentina) in the pouring, and I mean pouring and blowing every which way even my eyelashes are wet) rain. It finally stopped a bit after we were passing the Casa Rosada (The Pink House, where Kirschner lives) and could attempt to find our way a bit more successfully. We arrived at UCA to a fully air conditioned room, which is seemingly nice in heat until you realize you are soaking wet from the torrential downpour and the chill sets in.

After the session, which was of little to no help, we returned to the subte, apparently taking the long way. Ami and I stood in line to pay for a ticket and a worker waved us through for free after unlocking the gate. That is one way to save monedas. We rode, went to Aroma for a bit, which is a really cheap café and one of our new spots (along with Cumaná and El Ateneo) and then went to listen to Mario Cantarini talk about politics. This was particularly boring, so I didn't listen all that well. And Mario is the director of the program, I think he's gay and he has the most wonderful shoes.

Then, another win for the Lonely Planet (I am never again traveling without a consultation to lonely planet first), we went to find a vegetarian restaurant in Buenos Aires, because we thought it would be fun. Turns out we (and the lonely planet) were right. We found the restaurant, ate, and for the first time since I have arrived, I drank free water. HELLS YEAH! Lindsay then abandoned us for our academic advisor Darío and we went to the grocery store. In this store, we found dulce de leche oreos. The package was too big to buy and eat, so we were forced to settle for the half dulce de leche, half chocolate oreos. Mmm Mmm Good.

Then we went and sat in El Ateneo for like five hours. They have AC and it's awesome.

For dinner, I had fish milanesas (holy man delicious) with roasted butternut squash and beet salad with pears and avocado in it. Actually awesome, I'm getting fat.

Also, I didn't mention my lunch which was a lump of rice and a soybean milanesa both covered in butternut squash sauce. Which returns me to the title of this post, I were to ever turn orange, it would be today because I am eating a whole bunch of squash.

Love love love

P.S. If I do turn orange, I will dye my hair green. I promise.

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