Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to make a waitress hate you.

So today was a fairly uneventful day. I woke up at 1 (because I had gone to sleep at 4). I went to the kitchen to get some breakfast and Ana (host mother) walked in on me. I was sitting at the table eating some granola with a banana on it, that I had cut up. This is weird only because argentines don't do this. Not only do they not eat real breakfasts, I doubt they would ever put a banana on cereal. After this, I sat in my room for a while watching America's next top model, not wanting to do anything else because it was raining so heavily outside. It rained and it rained and it rained today. It was incessant, but eventually I knew I would have to leave. So after skyping the fam, I texted Ami and we decided to go to tea connection again.

I braved the rain in a rain coat and with an umbrella. I got there before Ami and sat down at a table. Then a snotty waitress with too much makeup on, asked me how many people there were going to be. I told her two and she ever so rudely asked me to move, because this table was for four people. Ick. So I get up and I may have been muttering under my breath to her in english, which I think she fully deserved, but I don't think made her like me all that much. So we Ami arrived and we were full on stalking the people sitting at the tables with the comfy chairs, we also only had one menu. Snotty waitress didn't think we deserved two, so I asked another waitress if we could have two and we didn't see snot face for a while as the other waitress had realized I was annoyed. It took us forever to figure out what we wanted and in the meantime, snot face asked us if we were going to order or if we were just waiting for another table. Ick again. We finally ordered, we decided on a pot of tea each and splitting two different desserts. We're awesome. We sit for forever and at some point, they ask us to move because they have a big party coming in. It was okay this time, because they asked us to move to the cushy chairs. I really like the cushy chairs. We sit and we've been there for about three hours now. Snot face keeps looking over and glaring at us, as we are bothering her, when in actuality, we're just sort of doing some homework and goofing off. Some time around the three hour mark, we decide we want something else. We wanted a menu, but we didn't want to ask snot face. So we avoided her glance and I (Ami would never be so childish) would make faces at her, because I was feeling like a four year old. We got the guy waiter to bring us a menu, he likes us, of this I am sure. And we ordered a third dessert to split. We ate and it was delicious and then we decided to go eventually. Snot face never looked so happy.

It had finally stopped raining and I made it home without using my umbrella. I had soy milanesas and like half a butternut squash for dinner. Ana could only eat broth, I think she's having a colonoscopy tomorrow, not really sure. I then had some flan stuff covered in dulce de leche (which makes me fat). That's about it for my day. Tomorrow, I class laundry and tango.


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