Monday, March 15, 2010

I have too many words and not enough space.

Just to warn you, this post which is quite delayed is going to be in two sections, pre-bariloche and post-bariloche.

Section 1: Cabaret and Casseroles.

So last week was quite a bust for the most part. I had no class or anything to attend to all week. So on Wednesday, Lindsay and Ami and I decided to go to our favorite cheap vegetarian place in BA. It's called Lotos and they give you free water. Let me repeat, THEY WILLINGLY GIVE YOU FREE WATER. This is a rarity in this city, like finding a nalgene bottle. Anyways, the food was good and we ran into three people from our program and one of the directors of our program. One would think that in a city with this many millions of people, you'd never run into four people you know in one restaurant, fail.

So we were walking around afterwards looking for coffee and something delicious and sweet. We were having no luck as we usually don't when we wander. We ended up losing Lindsay who went home to nurse her mosquito bites from hell. Ami and I kept walking, no luck. Finally we decide to return to a cafe that we had gone to sometime in week one. On the way to this cafe, we pass a purple cafe, we decide it's cool and walk in. Completely painted a royal purple (yes this is how we judge places), we sit at a table. I order a coffee and we split a piece of cake. The coffee was super tiny, as most here are, and also increasingly strong and delicious. I have a problem. And the cake was so good that even if the service was bad, we would go back, luckily for us, the waitstaff was awesome. So, we're sitting, just chilling, you know and this lady sits down at the one table outside (this was after the two beautiful, like descendants of the gods beautiful that were sitting beside us left). I looked at this one woman, took one laugh, and turned to Ami and pointed to the plastic that was her face. Only counting the really apparent jobs, there were at least five surgeries. Cheeks. Lips. Eyebrows. Nose. Breasts. It was hilarious and then a group of guys walked up and asked if they could take their pictures with her. Then a guy walked up and asked for an autograph and then Ami and I realized something was up. This was no ordinary Argentine plastic surgery queen, this was a famous one. We sat there, contemplating and finally, I got up the courage to ask the waiter who it was. Turns out, it was a woman named Graciela Alfano. All I got from the waitress was that she wears little clothing and that she lives on the 26th floor of the building at the end of the street. From googling later, I learned that she is an actress/model/sometimes doesn't wear clothing and like being seen with much much younger men. She looks a plastic-y 40, turns out she's actually 61, which I suppose is good. So Ami and I walked around for like 45thousand blocks and for the most part I don't really remember anything else that happened on Wednesday. But then came Thursday...

Section 2: Bariloche a.k.a. time out of BA and time to party

seems like I am going to have to get up in the morning and finish this one, my eyes are drooping, hasta manaƱa


  1. Save 50% on plastic surgery in Argentina!

  2. Haha I just looked her up - hilarious.I miss you! Look at you, meeting movie stars.

  3. Haha this is Chloe, by the way, if you couldn't tell from the username. I happened to have a LiveJournal and I won't let us post without some blog or messenger of some type.