Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They're making a comeback!

Now, you may ask what the "they" is...and I will tell you. It's juiceboxes. They're hugely popular here and it is acceptable for any age, creed and gender of person to walk down the street drinking out of a juice box. Now, personally, I am a huge fan of this trend, and I fully intend to bring it back into the states with me. I will most certainly walk down the streets of New York City in my four inch heels, drinking a juice box. And then Erik will take pictures and we will laugh and people will look at me strangely, just like they did at the models walking across the crosswalk on ANTM (anybody, come on?). I even had one today (and I had one yesterday), they are super cheap and super refreshing. Yesterday, I had one of the orange juice variety and today, I became bolder and had a multifruit. Hot dog! Anyways, this is something that I actually really like about Argentina, so simple yet awesome as hell. I mean juiceboxes, way to be a little kid, oh so refreshing!

Moving on, I do nothing with my life. Today I woke up, earlier than I had planned. I think I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday during yoga and my calves are still doing that cramping thing while I sleep, making my sleep subpar. Ick. Anyways, I ate some breakfast which consisted of the normal bowl of "Cereal Mix" with milk, two pieces of wheat toast and a cup and maybe a second of coffee. However, today, I decided to add some spice to my life. I decided to not only add a banana to my "cereal mix" but I also decided to add some banana to my toast WITH dulce de leche and raspberry jam. It was both delicious and satisfying and fattening as all get out. I mean I ate a lot today, this just started off the calorie intake and eventual weight gain. After breakfast, I piddled in my room and then i lolligagged a bit and then I decided it was time to leave. So I left my house and IT WAS UNBEARABLY HOT TODAY, it was like walking outside into dante's inferno, really miserable shit weather. I cannot even tell you how humid it is here, oh wait, my hair frizzes here. I walked to the museum with the class I'm interested in, to find out they were close and then walked the study abroad office to handle some administrative tasks. And by the time I arrived, I was too tired to do anything except print. So Lindsay and I went to grab some lunch and wait for Greg and Ami to get out of spanish class. We met them back at the office and then went off to see the Steve McCurry exhibit (a.k.a. the guy who shot the "Afghan Girl" photograph of National Geographic). We got there, paid 8 pesos and saw all these amazing pictures, some of which were truly sad.

After the exhibit, Lindsay and Greg both went home, they were tired. Ami and I went back to the museum to find out yet again that we are in Argentina and no one here is helpful. They're all nice, but in the end, I learned nothing useful. We then went back to the purple café where we saw the "61 year old piece of plastic" as Sean calls her and we order two desserts and split them both. This is what Ami and I do when we're alone. We order numerous desserts and eat them all. We read every magazine in the place, even the one in french (of which I understood much more than Ami did). We had excellent service and literally, we love being there, they love us and the service is just epically good. Example, the owner went out and bought us a new magazine when we read all the ones they had. I mean AWESOME SERVICE. woot.

Then, how exciting is this, we walked home. And here I am, at home and gross too, because it was so damn hot today.

So, at this point, since there is nothing going on in my life, I am going to provide some commentary on Argentina and how I am liking exactly 1 month, 1 week and 1 day into my trip.

1. I hate meat with a passion now. It is starting to make me nauseated to look at meat. Now, don't get me wrong, the meat here is very good, but I was never what you would call a "meat person." And now I'm quite the opposite. I am planning on giving that whole vegetarianism thing a whole hearted try when I get home, except that I will still be eating fish, because can anyone imagine me cutting sushi from my diet? I can't even imagine.

2. I am getting fat, not only from the amount of carbs and meat I eat in a day but also from the dulce de leche, the alfajores and the eating schedule of "hey, let's hibernate for eight hours and then pack on the food and then not have another meal for another eight hours, how healthy!"

3. I now want a dog, so I can walk it and we can look cute. I do not however want to live in a city with so much dog shit. It's all over the sidewalks, everywhere all the time, and in addition to being gross, it smells. It smells so much. Now, combine that with cigarette smoke and bus exhaust and you have the delicious odor that is Buenos Aires, Argentina.

4. Yesterday Greg and I, and then today Ami and I were talking about how nice it is going to be to return to american universities. The benefits of returning are numerous. The first is that 1 hour and 15 minute classes (and most certainly 50 minute classes) are now going to seem so short, and I mean so short. Classes here range between 2 and 4 hours. Second, it will be really nice to be able to walk to class in 5 minutes, hell even 15 minutes will be nice. Right now, it takes me around an hour to get to any of my classes and each commute includes a 7-12 block walk and then a 25-35 minute bus ride. Oh to return to the life of a non-commuter. Next, it will be so easy to control my ADD and focus on what the teacher is saying when I return. I won't have to pay nearly as much attention, mostly because they will be speaking in my native language. Awesome. The last thing is a little simpler, imagine getting to take notes in English again, wow, how nice will that be?

I truly think I am out of things to say which doesn't happen very often. Mother arrives tomorrow, she is currently in Atlanta with Patty and they are waiting to leave on their daunting 10 hour flight. I think she leaves at 8:35 and she is due to arrive on my continent at 7:45. She then has to do customs and pay fees and take a remise all the way here, and I will meet her at her hotel. I also have chocolates for her and Patty and am planning on buying flowers for them on the way there, because I can. And I am telling you people because she's in an airport and hopefully won't read this until much later. And then on Friday, we travel to IguazĂș Falls which should also be super exciting and beautiful.

One last thing, I am most likely going to a club tomorrow night for transvestite night with some Australian friends and I'm quite excited. And really, now, that's all.

Peace out

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