Saturday, March 6, 2010

The train station and spanish class.

Yesterday was a completely subpar day. I went to my last spanish class for orientation and then Greg and Lindsay and I went to a café because we got out early. It was only two blocks from where orientation is and everything there was pretty cheap. The service was fairly awful as the waiter seemed bothered by our appearance. We sat there for two hours, drinking coffee and eating mini alfajors (which are heavenly and like 45 billion calories). Then we went back to orientation where I felt sick the whole time, partly because I was nauseous and partly because it was about politics in Argentina. I then had a meeting with the director of the literature concentration and although he is beautiful, he's quite awkward as well. Somehow, it took him forty minutes to tell me that he would email me next week with the options for an internship.

We then had the bright idea to go to Palermo to eat a restaurant that was recommended by the lonely planet. We took a bus all by ourselves and made it there. Turns out it is the sister restaurant to our favorite restaurant in Recoleta. Buenisimo. We walked around a bit, took a bus back and then tried to go buy bus tickets. Unfortunately, we went at the busiest part of the day and it was confusing and people were staring at us weirdly for speaking in english. So we left with the intentions of buying tickets elsewhere at a later time. We took Ami back to Circolo because she had to go to spanish. I went to the park and finally finsihed reading my New York Magazine (and on the last page there was something about helvetica cookie cutterssssss!!!!!!!! hint hint hint birthday in july). Ami met me after spanish and we walked home together.

I had dinner with Aná and then went to meet mis amigos to go see a movie. Ami and I walked together, we live pretty close and went to the movie theater. We had all wanted to go see Alicia en el país de las maravillas 3d (Alice in Wonderland, but it was sold out. We waited in the 300 person line anyways and bought tickets for Sunday night because that was the first time they had available. Go us! So we left, walked around a bit and then sat down at a café. Ami and I split a giant piece of cake and Greg got a peach smoothie and Lindsay got a coke (in a glass bottle).

I came home sometime right after 12. Aná was just going to bed, she asked me, "Oh, you're home already" and somehow I managed not to snap at her. Yes I was home, Yes I was tired, Yes I am trying to save my money to go travel all around Argentina, Yes most of the time I prefer to sit and read as opposed to go and prove to myself once again that I have no rhythm and cannot dance.

Anyways, that's that, I'm off to have empanadas and indecisiveness.


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