Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nothing to do, part II.

So, today was a pretty mediocre day as well. There were some good pieces in it, but this sense of restlessness that I currently have is killing me, like I soon predict death (woah, melodrama!). Anyways, since I'm pretty sure no one has time to read my blog anyways, as even my mother does not, I will just endlessly ramble for today's post.

I went looking for a water bottle today, any of the reusable sort would have pleased me. A nalgene or a sigg or anything really, I'm not picky. I just accidentally left all mine at home. When mom comes to visit, she can bring one, but I figured if I could find a reasonably priced one, then she wouldn't have to worry about it and I would have my bottle. After looking in the fourth sporting goods store, Lindsay and I realized two things. 1) Argentines don't recycle. 2) Argentines don't drink water. After realizing these two things, we realized how fruitless our search was. (We did find one bottle, it was way overpriced and in the back corner of the last store).

We then went to Aroma, got some coffee, orange juice, medialunas and even some yogurt today. It was delicious, and then we sat and judged people for an hour because we had nothing else to do.

We finally parted as it was time for me to attend my first yoga class here. I was dying from not having done any yoga in about three weeks. I was so excited, I got there and it was wonderful but oh so warm. Oh humidity! Anyways, at one point we had to do something that required other people and I was talking to my people. They were looking at me funny and it took me several seconds to realize that although this was an english class, english was most likely not their first language. I talk very fast and very colloquially, so I think that's why I got funny looks. The instructor is from Wisconsin though.

After yoga, I showered and met Ami and Greg and Lindsay at Volta (happy ice cream place where we saw many other people from our group) in order to plan our trip this weekend. There were some last minute details to get in order.

Oh, also of note, I did my laundry today which for study abroad students in Buenos Aires entails taking your dirty clothes to a place around the corner and leaving it there. They give you a slip and you come back many hours later to a bag full of freshly laundered clothes. I had a full load but also a half load of whites. This cost me 20pesos, about $5. This is something I could get used to. All I had to do was hang up my clothes, so exciting.

Other than these few things, I am a disappointment to my host mother. She was very obviously unhappy with the fact that I did not eat the fatty nasty shitty part of the pork she served me this evening. And to disappoint her even more, I did not eat the onions. I tried, I most certainly did, but I don't like onions because they are nasty. Why this is a foreign concept to her, I do not know. But I also don't like tomatoes, as they are also nasty. I fail. She also made it clear that she does not like the fact that I plan to sleep in again tomorrow. I do not have class this week, or orientation as I have told her numerous times and therefore will be doing nothing, another concept she cannot grasp. I really think I do like her, but to be constantly judged for my actions is quickly becoming old. I will sleep in and I will not eat nasty food, I really do think that's reasonable. This has turned into a rant and for that, I apologize. I tried to talk to my mom about it, but she needed more importantly to video chat with her daughter and grandson that conveniently live only 30 minutes away.

I'll try to be in a better mood tomorrow for the lack of readers, sorry. You didn't really have to read this I guess. I'm going to go read now, that should improve my mood.

With a bit of love and also some disdain,


  1. yes, you are being melodramatic, the only reason I am behind ion reading your blog is because I have been sick for 2 days, and yes, I am upset you lost our earrings! Urgh you frustrate me...

  2. It didn't get too melodramatic until the end there. I wish I had some sort of laundry service, I have to do mine today and I am not looking forward to it. How does a yoga instructor from Wisconsin end up in Buenos Aires?