Thursday, March 18, 2010

The last few days.

I have been in a continual state of meaning to post on my blog for several days now, basically since the last one. Especially since I have told you nothing of this week. I had had intentions of posting yesterday but got distracted while talking to Cassidy for the first time in a month. Then this morning, I meant to as well, but the internet would not turned on. I tried everything and nothing succeeded and eventually I had to leave.

Moving on, this week seems to have been as pointless as last week with the exception of the trip to Bariloche. Since Argentina is so disorganized and carefree as a whole, I have still not started most of my classes. I did however have class on Tuesday. I had two, the same teacher is currently teaching both although one will eventually have another professor. Since it was the first class, we did nothing. I was however almost late because my alarm clock decided to move back an hour, so I woke up an hour late and somehow miraculously made it across town in time. Anyways, he talked and we listened and I took some notes and then we went to the next class and he talked and we listened and that was about it. I then left there with Lindsay and we walked to the subte bypassing a California Burrito Company. I wanted to try it, because our program director told us that this was the awful place all the americans liked and for who knows what reason. I got a burrito, just like chipotle but smaller and completely different from all argentine food, which was a nice change. Then I hopped the subte to yoga, which I chose to go to instead of spanish grammar review. Yoga was awesome, I love it, I am yogi through and through and then I came home and showered and did nothing else.

Yesterday, I was going to go to a class at UCA but it was a five hour class that started at 7:45 in the morning and somehow I just decided I liked life more than I could ever like that class. So I met Ami and Lindsay and Greg for lunch at 1:45 and we went to a parilla recommended by the Lonely Planet. It was slightly sketchy at first, but we decided to give it a try. I had a choripan and a salad and it was very delicious. We then walked to get some ice cream at volta because we thought it would be delicious. We were right. They left at some point and I stayed and read for a bit and then came home. Woot exciting.

Today, I woke up and the internet wasn't working. Therefore I couldn't check the weather. I had a long breakfast again, where I read and ate and all that jazz. I finished the book I've been reading today which was Middlesex and which was awesome. Then I had a meeting at some very well known and very old café in BA called Las Violetas for an internship. It wasn't really an interview, more like the opposite. They were trying to convince me to work for them, but they or rather he, Patricio, the guy from the magazine, didn't need to convince me. I was hooked from the second they handed me the magazine. It's an independent literary arts magazine run out of BA. It is in its seventh year, which is apparently quite a life span and while I am here, they will publish their 20th issue. It comes out three times a year and I still am not exactly sure what I will be doing there, but I am excited nonetheless. Also, feel free to google, they have an excellent website, the magazine is called Otra Parte. After that, I came back to the study abroad office with my lit professor and he suggested a restaurant for me to go to for lunch. The restaurant turned out to be delicious and very well priced for the amount of food I got. I sat for a while, reading and doing my spanish work and then went to spanish class. Afterwards, we all met at a cafe to sit and do nothing.

And then I rode the subte home and had dinner, and here I am.

I know that wasn't particularly exciting but I am going to the theatre tomorrow, and to UBA for my first initiation into the massive school, so hopefully that will be interesting.

Also, we found out we have a 5 day break next week, so we may or may not try to go to El Calafate in that time.


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  1. Googled the magazine, did I find the right site??
    Love you, yes, I always read your blog, I like to know whats happening in your life!